A few days after I gave birth via c-section to my daughter Cora, Kate arrived to help out. I'm not sure what I would have done without her. In the two weeks that she stayed with me, she not only managed the everyday demands of the house, but gave special care to my situation. Particularly, Kate helped me through an extremely difficult start to breastfeeding. I was determined to exclusively breastfeed my daughter---so when my baby was not gaining weight,Kate attended, supported and nurtured me through an overwhelming flood of details. From switching pediatricians, finding lactation specialists, attending appointments, recording weight before and after feedings, keeping track of the number of wet/solid diapers, sterilizing pumping parts and making sure I stayed hydrated, nourished and rested. And that's not all! Kate was willing to rise at any hour to help me do all of these things and more. My family is forever grateful!
– Kendra - Phoenix, AZ

Kate was there when I needed her. She is capable of handling whatever my newborn threw at her - and there were times when he literally threw things at her. She is thoughtful, kind and knows how to make it feel better to be a new mom. If only she could manufacture sleep. I never worried when she had my little ones!
- Adaire - Cincinnati, OH

Kate worked with us when I returned back to work after maternity leave with our second child. She was amazing! She easily met the needs of the newborn and three year old (and a stressed out working mother). She was proactive in working with the 3 year old on letter recognition and other learning activities. And was very calming for the newborn, we still laugh how she was the only one who could coax him to sleep in her arms. She was such a blessing to our family while she was here, and we still miss her daily. We love seeing her when she is in town.
– Heather - Loveland, OH

Kate has been the most wonderful addition to our family. She provides quality care for my 18 month old son and much needed peace of mind for his parents! I only wish I had found Kate sooner. Having a difficult birth experience, subsequent trouble breastfeeding, no family in town, and a husband who travels for work, etc., I spent countless hours searching for a local service that would provide specialized short term support for new moms during the transition into motherhood. Kate is knowledgeable, compassionate, flexible and genuinely interested in helping women and families during such an exciting (and overwhelming) time in their lives. Just knowing I will have her help when baby #2 comes along makes me breathe a sigh of relief.
– Amanda - Gibsonia, PA

For the past four months, my wife and I have placed our trust in Kate Hookom to be the primary caregiver for our son. As two working parents we have come to rely on her for consistency, and her attention to our son's needs. Kate provides our son with daily, interactive, one-on-one attention he wouldn't receive in daycare. Moreover she takes a great interest in nutrition and the types of food our son eats.

While interviewing, Kate struck us as exceedingly professional: asking lots of questions about son's needs, her ambitions to start her own business, and sharing a rich history of work experience and references. What most drew us to Kate was her experience with dealing with children with allergies.

First time parents are known to be overprotective, highly proscriptive, and difficult to please. Kate entered our lives as our second full-time nanny and handles our jitters with aplomb. She always errs on the side of caution, advising us whenever she observes changes in behavior, or recognizes milestones to celebrate.
- Matt - Gibsonia, PA